Why do we give gifts? Tradition? Obligation? Appreciation?

Canadians are always celebrating something. Gift giving is a year-round activity with 84% of Canadians purchasing at least one gift in any given month. But why do we give gifts?

Tradition and obligation play a huge factor in gift-giving; people often spend more than they can afford and give little consideration to the receivers needs or wants (“gotta get Auntie Mary something, she got me something last year” or “Jack always spends a lot on my gifts, so I need to reciprocate.”)

In reality, though, gift giving is way to connect, to show your love and appreciation for people in your life. That’s why it’s important to consider the receivers’ tastes, hobbies, & styles before making a purchase to prevent regifting or worse, the feeling that the giver doesn’t really appreciate them at all.

The majority of Canadians enjoy giving gifts & are 2nd in generosity only to the Australians. That’s good news for Canada’s mental health since researchers say that emotionally stable people tend to spend more money on gifts than people who are more neurotic (CTV News/Vancouver Sun.)

Keep in mind, however, the bigger, more valuable the gift, does NOT equal more appreciation. Canadians are very forgiving & it seems the old adage “it’s the thought that counts” rings true in most cases.

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