Cannabis and Sex.. It's a HOT Topic.

It's been a hot topic for a while now, in the shop, online and talking amongst friends. Being that Cannabis has just recently been legalized, there are very few studies that have been done yet. But lots of you are wondering.. So.

Is sex that much better with Cannabis you ask?

Well, does a dog bark...?

All we know is that we enjoy most things in life a little bit more when we're elevated, so why shouldn't sex be better with some of your favourite herb. And the only way to find out for sure at this point is experimenting so grab your partner, conduct a study and you tell us what Cannabis does for your sex life.

Everyone has their favourite strains, terpenes, consumption method and dose for different activities. Your bedroom activity isn't going to be any different.

Here are some tips for pre sex consumption:

Strains and terpenes that can kill or spark your "Libido". Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene and Linalool are all very sedative terpenes, found in strains such as:

Wappa, Sensi Star, Mk Ultra. This doesn't mean you should avoid these terpenes all

together because Linalool, Caryophyllene are both amazing and powerful terpenes. So if you're going to try strains with these terpenes then be mindful of your dose and take it slow this way you wont fall asleep while kissing your partner. Limonene on the other hand.. won't give you the "Couch lock" effect. Some strains that are high in Limonene: Strawberry Cough, Critical Super Silver Haze, Sweet Jersey 3, Chocolate Fondue.

A few reasons people love pairing Cannabis with sex is that with Cannabis your senses are increased therefore you feel everything that much more. It's easy to get out of your head and into your body, when you can let go mentally is when your stress is gone and you can live in that moment. If your someone who has anxiety or gets nervous then its probably increased when you feel out of your comfort zone and feeling vulnerable can definitely do that to a person. When you're elevated time seems to stand still, not literally but if you're a consumer you know that what feels like 5 minutes can actually be 30 minutes.

Dosing is everything. Just like when you dose for your day to day life, high THC levels can cause dry mouth, anxiety, paranoia and many other side effects. While your experimenting keep this in mind: don't get too stoned, be mindful of what strain your using, have some water or a lozenge, relax and take your time together because baby we're feeling good.

We love terpenes and are eager to educate so come learn a little bit about what strains are right for your activities.. all activities. Your favourite Cannabis ladies are waiting to help find your perfect love potion.


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