What's YOUR Dose?

You overhear your friends talking about how amazing Cannabis is for their stress. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for all consumers. You might be the type of person whose stress levels go through the roof, paired with a little extra paranoia and anxiety. And that's exactly what your trying to avoid, more stress.

We all want a small relief from the world's weight on our shoulders, something so subtle but just takes the edge off. That perfect strain for sitting around with your friends playing puff puff pass. But you need something that wont make your heart jump out of your chest and turn you into the "says two words every half an hour guy".

We all need to function in our day to day lives, so finding a balanced THC/CBD product is crucial. Whether you're a cannasseur and it's a lifestyle or just a light recreational user, seeking some sort of relief in your everyday life.

THC by itself or in high doses can have a very unpleasant psychoactive effect on some people. When other cannabinoids such as CBD have an equal presence, the "high" can be modified in a more positive way. Leaving you feeling totally relaxed. If you really don't want the high but just the relief, try a high CBD product paired with a micro-dosing schedule.

"microdosing, in general, is a means to manipulate the receptors and gain a desired physiologic response with less drug”.

- Dr Albert Hofmann

"This idea stems from the pharmaceutical industry and is called the “minimum effective dose”, which means consuming the smallest dose possible that produces a desired result without the side effects."

- Royal Queen seeds

Try only have a small hoot a few times a day rather than a whole joint at once, take a few drops of your oil multiple times per day rather than half the dropper or try a low dose capsule everyday with your multivitamins. Micro-dosing mixed with a high CBD product, now that's the perfect combination for anyone seeking some sort of everyday relief without the head buzz. It works well as a preventive measure against whatever it is your using it for, but before it happens.

One of our goals at Earth's Own Naturals is to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. We have an array of products to suit all different types of consumers, from dry herb, oils and easy dose capsules. Our staff is full of personal use knowledge and eager to find the right product for you.










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