Oils are the New Edibles

Who doesn't love a good brownie? Pot or not..

As of October 17 2018 it is illegal to sell Cannabis edibles in Canada, they will be reintroduced in a years time. Everyone is wondering what their supposed to do in the mean time, if you're not willing to smoke dry herb? There is always the option to making your own edibles, however this can be time consuming, messy and not for everyone.

The convenience of popping a gummy bear in your mouth a couple of hours before bed has everyone bent out of shape now that this isn't an option from your local retailer. Well let us tell you that edibles aren't the bee's knee's, as yummy as they can be! There is more cost effective, consistent and convenient ways to get your dose of Cannabis if smoking isn't an option for you.

You might even like it better...

At Earth's Own Naturals we have several different options for oils that all have a different purpose. There are many pros to absorbing your Cannabis in oil form sublingually and we are so happy that we have this option to offer you!

Ingest vs Absorb


  • Goes through liver - when the liver absorbs THC it is actually converting it from Δ-9-THC into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is actually more psychoactive.

  • Hard to dose due to - metabolism, food intake that day, tolerance, inconsistent doses

  • can take up to 4 hours to take effect

  • Edibles can be high in various sugars, food colouring, unnatural flavouring

Ingestion of cannabinoids consistently delivers inconsistent results, this can result in a 6-8 hour high and leave you having a not so happening time.


  • Bypasses the liver

  • Feel effects in 30-90 minutes

  • Cannabinoids not altered, diminished, or time delayed by digestive processes

  • Enters bloodstream faster with consistent results

  • Minimal taste and odour

  • Ingredients - Cannabis and carrier oil

Sublingual application is more efficient than eating cannabis, easier to dose with a dropper bottle and you don't have to be worried about staying on cloud 9 for more than 2-3 hours.

What oils can you typically find at Earth's Own Naturals?

  • High CBD oil

  • High CBD oral spray

  • CBD capsules

  • 1:1 THC/CBD oil

  • THC Indica oil

  • THC Sativa oil

  • THC Hybrid oil

Our oils are forever changing, however we have have a large supply and a wide variety. Whether your looking for an oil to help you relax, unwind, uplift, focus or motivate!

The Earth's Own Naturals Team are eager to educate and get you set up with an oil that is perfect for what your looking for.

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